Zone Leaders are the governing figures of post-RBR Mobius. Rather than adopt a new central government to occupy the position that Doctor Robotnik once held, the Mobians - under suggestion from Sonic the Hedgehog (in "Vote For Me") - decided that each Zone should have its own ruler.

Most Zone Leaders are democratically elected, and they tend to distinguish their office with a mayoral-style medallion. Known exceptions to the democratic model include the Coal Creek Zone, where the Zone Leader is a military dictator ruling by force; the Hill Top Zone, which retains its traditional aristocracy and nobility; and the Chemical Plant Zone, a corporate canton with the Marxio Brothers as its executive directors.

Known Zone Leaders

  • Steve Owl - former leader of the Hidden Zone before the idea of Zone Leaders was implemented. Now a member of the Emerald Hill folk.
  • Sharka Khan - no longer the ruler of Trituna when he was discovered to be fleeing from danger by his followers. They decided to rule in a coalition between them, despite Sonic's worries about how well that will work.
  • The vole leader of the Ocean Falls Zone (with Nack eyeing him with hungry eyes).
  • The Jungle Joyride Zone has a king. He was forced to flee when Robotnik overran the zone.